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3D bedroom

3D Bedroom

3D bedroom destroyed by wear of time

Wear of time



3D red black bedroom

3D Bedroom

3D Red bedroom

3D Bedroom

3D Robot


3D Bunny made of ivy

3D Ivy Bunny

3D ball made of ivy

3D Ivy Sphere

3D sphere art

3D Sphere Art

3D bedroom wip

WIP 3D Bedroom

3D bedroom wip

WIP 3D Bedroom

3D bedroom wip

WIP 3D Bedroom



3dsmax icon

3DS Max

Oh yes, the first 3D software I've ever used, and still uses. It still amazes me how big and vast this program is, it's incredible!

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When I'm done with the modelling and texturing, I need a render engine that delivers perfect images every time, and Vray does the job!

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When Vray have made the perfect image, it still needs some polishing, levels, curves etc. And what better way is there to do it than Photoshop?

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After Effects

I love playing around in After Effects, and when I've rendered multiple images, this software comes in handy to put it all together, and make it look crisp!

Marvelous Designer icon

Marvelous Designer

Marvelous Designer is the perfect solution when it comes to making pillows, bed sheets etc. The simulation is fast and precise, just what you need!

Realflow icon


Everybody loves particle simulations, and I'm no exception. I've filled out my HDD too many times with this program!

My Passion For 3D



Hi there, my name is Søren Meier!
Currently I live in Aarhus, Denmark, where I have a apprenticeship at Ambiente A/S as a 3D animator.

I've been playing with 3D for a couple of years now, and love to explore the vast universe that it is.
I love to make things as realistic as possible, and by that I mean to get the size right, the material crisp, lightning natural and the camera settings spot on!


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